Parents Posting About Kids on Social Media -Things to Keep in Mind

Parents post about their family, kids on social media in forms of photo, video or even the stories. Especially if you are a mother and a phone user, you may post your baby’s pics and updates. This keeps you connected with your friends and relatives, and also make you feel less lonely during your initial motherhood days.

But are you sending out too much info on the net or have some sort of restrictions?

If you don’t, then you will have to exercise certain basic easy rules which will keep your baby safe from the internet troubles.

Parents Should not Share Their Kids Pictures

Parents, Kids on Social Media – The New Trend

While reading one of Washington’s post, it was an instance between a lady writer and her 4th-grade girl. One day, the little girl searched through the directories and stumbled upon pictures of her childhood. She asked ‘Why are all these pictures of me on the Internet?’ Indeed the writer knew the answer, but the mother remained silent.

What I want to convey through this example is the extent to which the Internet uploads can go. Hence, next time you think about posting a lot of snaps, think about the consequences. I am not here to scare you, rather explain you the norms of being socially active on the Internet.

Sometimes I feel like parents should take parenting classes on how to use social media for kids. Things could be in better control.

Too Much Posting and Sharing Can Invade Your Child’s Privacy

If you go on sharing your child’s photo and post them online, you are simply taking away the privacy of their life. Also, sharing the wrong type of content can put a thought in the young minds as if they don’t have the right on their own bodies.

Sharing the Updates Online Can Put Your Child in the Danger of Digital Kidnapping

This one’s really common. Even if you have taken down the pictures of your baby from the Internet, someone might have taken a screenshot or saved the snap on their device. They can use or misuse them for their benefit, which is called the digital kidnapping.

Social Media Posts May Affect Your Child’s Future Too

The pictures once posted on the Internet could be retrieved using Google algorithms, maybe for years. Once the kids get older, and if somebody or say any employer finds out a sensitive pic – this can cause a big issue.

What are the rules you follow for posting your kid’s snaps online? Let me know in the comments.

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7 Must Have Pregnancy Products for the Maternity Care

Is a newborn baby on the way? If yes, then the mother has to be given the best care since she needs the power to take care of herself as well as the life growing inside.

It’s indeed a celebration and happy time for the family, but Pregnancy is a huge effin thing followed by lots of planning and purchasing.

Some Must-Have Products for the Moms to Be!

Moms Products

After going through a series of pregnancy products I summarised the list to the following 7 products. Well, you don’t have to buy the whole bunch, but get an idea about the products and how they are useful.

1) A Cool Boyfriend Maternity Jeans

This one for the jeans lovers. It has a distressing quality and all comfy near the hip and thigh portion.

2) Good Maternity Bra

During the pregnancy, there will be certain changes in the breast shape and how they feel. Normal bras can make the mother uncomfortable. Maternity Bras is another good choice!

3) Stretch Mark Cream

You can gift them any herbal or natural cream for the stretch mark removal. Stretch marks are one of the common plights that pregnant moms usually have. You can’t completely remove them out, still, reduce the intensity of the marks to a high extent.

4) A Support Belt

Supporting belt is yet another excellent option in the Maternity products. For mommies going through strain near the belly and the back portion, could benefit using a supporting belt. The belts will give a quality support to the bump and will be helping hand to the back portion.

5) Comfy Pillow

When we look out for the baby care tips for new moms, how can you skip the super-relaxing pillows? You can check out for pregnancy pillows or support pillows that provide comfort and also health benefits.

6) Tummy Rub Butter by Mama Mio

Another stretch mark reducer and moisturizer for the mommies-to-be. This Tummy Rub Butter is also effective for the itchy condition of the belly with contents like avocado oils, shea butter, free from paraben and phthalates.

7) Soft and Comfy Body Pillow

Sleeping on the beds can be a bit discomforting for the pregnant moms. The beds can now be replaced by super comfy body pillows, that are soft and comforting AF. Leachco Back ‘N Belly is one such recommendation that comes with a unique contoured design on it, that better adjusts with the body shape and sleeping.

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New Zealand WorkPlace on supporting Breastfeeding Mothers to Work

Breastfeeding is the purest form of love that only a mother understands and experiences.

With the changing times, now Women too are willing to work after their pregnancy instead of taking a break. New Zealand is one among the many supporting countries that believe in giving the freedom to the women to work and also carry out the breastfeeding for the baby. These days, a high number of women are returning back to work after their pregnancy, and companies should support it.

In this brief article, we will see why and who New Zealand is supporting this cause. Also on how you could get inspired by this thought! Let’s get started!

WorkPlace on supporting Breastfeeding Mothers to Work

New Zealand WorkPlace on supporting Breastfeeding Mothers to Work

First of all, breastfeeding gives the best kind of nutrition to the baby and it is a must for the baby’s health. This also improves the relationship between the mother and child too.

It is recommended that babies are given breastfeeding until they are 6 months old. While some people also insist on feeding the child in the same way until they are 1 year old. It is better to ask the physician about this and choose the right way for your baby.

The ways in which you can support the cause, and practice the same at your workspace:

  • supporting the idea of breastfeeding, and encouraging more women to breastfeed in the workplace.
  • giving accurate and required guidance to the women returning to work right after their pregnancy.
  • make it easy for them to access the health education relating to the food and the nutrition which is required for all the breastfeeding mothers.
  • Let the mothers do the breastfeeding and not make them feel awkward about this.
  • Doing a study on the materials and facilities which are required for the breastfeeding, and also work on the storage options for the breast milk.

You don’t have much idea of the benefits of supporting this cause. But there is a bigger picture beyond what you can imagine. With considering the breastfeeding option, you are actually decreasing the infant mortality. It also decreases the risk of childhood infectious diseases which is commonly found in the babies.

This will ultimately inspire more companies to take up the initiative, and also make more mothers realize the importance of the breastfeeding their children. Share this amazing idea with your teammates, family, and friends, and let them know that Breastfeeding does not hinder the growth and instead makes the mother stronger than before.

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WHO says: Respectful Maternity Care is mandatory | No Abuse, No Disrespect

The WHO(World Health Organization) recommends that each pregnant woman is given the Respectful Maternity Care. This special care ensures that all the mothers undergoing pregnancy is given the best care keeping their dignity, privacy, confidentiality as the highest preference.

It also makes sure that the woman is given the freedom from harm or any kind of disrespect. This rule also enables that all the informed choices are made known to the pregnant lady, and they are given a continuous support throughout the labor and childbirth time.

Respectful Maternity Care is mandatory

Respectful Maternity Care is mandatory ~ WHO says

If your special friend is pregnant, and they are admitted to the hospital – what will you wish for her? Lots of care, and above all – “she is happy and content with the treatment“. But not each woman have the usual happy experience. As you collect the reports and evidence of maternity care from the wealthiest to the poorest nations, the results are sad and even disturbing.

This is why, WHO decided to frame a set of universal laws for all the Childbearing Women in the world. The Laws are given in the form of articles, and we shall check them out one by one.

  • All Women in the World has the right to be free from any kind of harm and ill-treatment. 
  • Every woman is entitled to the right to information, refusal, informed consent, and even the respect for her choices & preferences. For example, whom she wants as the companion during the maternity care. 
  • All the lovely women in the world have the right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Each woman has the authority to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Every woman has the right to equality when it comes to maternity care, and it should be completely free from any kind of discrimination. 
  • All women have the right to quality health care and the best kind of treatment. 
  • Every woman has the freedom to take decisions by herself and to be self-determined without any pressure/force from anyone else.

I guess a lot of the ladies are still not aware of these rights, and especially when it comes to sensitive topics like the Maternity Care. WHO took the issue, and has made the above rules for the Maternity Care. If you found the article helpful, then pass on to your family and friends, and tell them to share this info!

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