WHO says: Respectful Maternity Care is mandatory | No Abuse, No Disrespect

The WHO(World Health Organization) recommends that each pregnant woman is given the Respectful Maternity Care. This special care ensures that all the mothers undergoing pregnancy is given the best care keeping their dignity, privacy, confidentiality as the highest preference.

It also makes sure that the woman is given the freedom from harm or any kind of disrespect. This rule also enables that all the informed choices are made known to the pregnant lady, and they are given a continuous support throughout the labor and childbirth time.

Respectful Maternity Care is mandatory

Respectful Maternity Care is mandatory ~ WHO says

If your special friend is pregnant, and they are admitted to the hospital – what will you wish for her? Lots of care, and above all – “she is happy and content with the treatment“. But not each woman have the usual happy experience. As you collect the reports and evidence of maternity care from the wealthiest to the poorest nations, the results are sad and even disturbing.

This is why, WHO decided to frame a set of universal laws for all the Childbearing Women in the world. The Laws are given in the form of articles, and we shall check them out one by one.

  • All Women in the World has the right to be free from any kind of harm and ill-treatment. 
  • Every woman is entitled to the right to information, refusal, informed consent, and even the respect for her choices & preferences. For example, whom she wants as the companion during the maternity care. 
  • All the lovely women in the world have the right to privacy and confidentiality.
  • Each woman has the authority to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Every woman has the right to equality when it comes to maternity care, and it should be completely free from any kind of discrimination. 
  • All women have the right to quality health care and the best kind of treatment. 
  • Every woman has the freedom to take decisions by herself and to be self-determined without any pressure/force from anyone else.

I guess a lot of the ladies are still not aware of these rights, and especially when it comes to sensitive topics like the Maternity Care. WHO took the issue, and has made the above rules for the Maternity Care. If you found the article helpful, then pass on to your family and friends, and tell them to share this info!

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