New Zealand WorkPlace on supporting Breastfeeding Mothers to Work

Breastfeeding is the purest form of love that only a mother understands and experiences.

With the changing times, now Women too are willing to work after their pregnancy instead of taking a break. New Zealand is one among the many supporting countries that believe in giving the freedom to the women to work and also carry out the breastfeeding for the baby. These days, a high number of women are returning back to work after their pregnancy, and companies should support it.

In this brief article, we will see why and who New Zealand is supporting this cause. Also on how you could get inspired by this thought! Let’s get started!

WorkPlace on supporting Breastfeeding Mothers to Work

New Zealand WorkPlace on supporting Breastfeeding Mothers to Work

First of all, breastfeeding gives the best kind of nutrition to the baby and it is a must for the baby’s health. This also improves the relationship between the mother and child too.

It is recommended that babies are given breastfeeding until they are 6 months old. While some people also insist on feeding the child in the same way until they are 1 year old. It is better to ask the physician about this and choose the right way for your baby.

The ways in which you can support the cause, and practice the same at your workspace:

  • supporting the idea of breastfeeding, and encouraging more women to breastfeed in the workplace.
  • giving accurate and required guidance to the women returning to work right after their pregnancy.
  • make it easy for them to access the health education relating to the food and the nutrition which is required for all the breastfeeding mothers.
  • Let the mothers do the breastfeeding and not make them feel awkward about this.
  • Doing a study on the materials and facilities which are required for the breastfeeding, and also work on the storage options for the breast milk.

You don’t have much idea of the benefits of supporting this cause. But there is a bigger picture beyond what you can imagine. With considering the breastfeeding option, you are actually decreasing the infant mortality. It also decreases the risk of childhood infectious diseases which is commonly found in the babies.

This will ultimately inspire more companies to take up the initiative, and also make more mothers realize the importance of the breastfeeding their children. Share this amazing idea with your teammates, family, and friends, and let them know that Breastfeeding does not hinder the growth and instead makes the mother stronger than before.

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