Parents Posting About Kids on Social Media -Things to Keep in Mind

Parents post about their family, kids on social media in forms of photo, video or even the stories. Especially if you are a mother and a phone user, you may post your baby’s pics and updates. This keeps you connected with your friends and relatives, and also make you feel less lonely during your initial motherhood days.

But are you sending out too much info on the net or have some sort of restrictions?

If you don’t, then you will have to exercise certain basic easy rules which will keep your baby safe from the internet troubles.

Parents Should not Share Their Kids Pictures

Parents, Kids on Social Media – The New Trend

While reading one of Washington’s post, it was an instance between a lady writer and her 4th-grade girl. One day, the little girl searched through the directories and stumbled upon pictures of her childhood. She asked ‘Why are all these pictures of me on the Internet?’ Indeed the writer knew the answer, but the mother remained silent.

What I want to convey through this example is the extent to which the Internet uploads can go. Hence, next time you think about posting a lot of snaps, think about the consequences. I am not here to scare you, rather explain you the norms of being socially active on the Internet.

Sometimes I feel like parents should take parenting classes on how to use social media for kids. Things could be in better control.

Too Much Posting and Sharing Can Invade Your Child’s Privacy

If you go on sharing your child’s photo and post them online, you are simply taking away the privacy of their life. Also, sharing the wrong type of content can put a thought in the young minds as if they don’t have the right on their own bodies.

Sharing the Updates Online Can Put Your Child in the Danger of Digital Kidnapping

This one’s really common. Even if you have taken down the pictures of your baby from the Internet, someone might have taken a screenshot or saved the snap on their device. They can use or misuse them for their benefit, which is called the digital kidnapping.

Social Media Posts May Affect Your Child’s Future Too

The pictures once posted on the Internet could be retrieved using Google algorithms, maybe for years. Once the kids get older, and if somebody or say any employer finds out a sensitive pic – this can cause a big issue.

What are the rules you follow for posting your kid’s snaps online? Let me know in the comments.

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